MCHHS Inclusive Engagement Council


The MCHHS Inclusive Engagement Council exists to support and encourage inclusive excellence and cultural competence within our college. We are a team of volunteer faculty and staff committed to working together to support students, faculty, and staff in MCHHS. We strongly advocate for the academic freedom of our faculty to deliver curriculum and use terminology based on academic discipline and discipline-related accreditation standards. We strive to foster an environment of belonging where people from all backgrounds feel empowered and have the opportunity to succeed. We approach discussions and experiences from a place of cultural humility and welcome meaningful contributions from diverse viewpoints. We function within the purview of the MSU Office of Inclusive Engagement.

 Examples of past initiatives: 

  • Roundtable discussion for faculty and staff: Working through difficult conversations 
  • Diversity Showcase, an opportunity for faculty and staff to share resources and tools 
  • Guest speakers

Ideas or suggestions? 

We welcome ideas on ways to help make MCHHS a welcoming environment for all students, faculty, staff and visitors. We may share ideas collected with the MCHHS leadership team (dean, associate dean, department head and others). It would be helpful if you could provide a rationale along with reasons why you feel your idea merits due consideration.  

Submit an idea or suggestion

  • If you have a concern about a perceived bias-related situation or related complaint, please utilize the Dean of Students Office Bias Response Team resource.  This resource provides students, staff and faculty an option to file a Bias Incident Report. 
  • Faculty who have professional related issues such as discrimination, harassment, or bullying should follow policies and procedures outlined in the Faculty Handbook
  • Administrators, professional and support staff employees who have professional issues such as discrimination, harassment, or bullying should follow policies and procedures outlines in the Employee Handbook for Administrative, Professional, and Support Staff Employees.