MCHHS Student Success Innovation Projects (MSSIP)

MSSIP Call for Proposals: New Process

The McQueary College of Health and Human Services proudly announces the call for MCHHS Student Success Innovative Project (MSSIP) proposals! Please read on for the details on the REVISED process to request funding. Of note, proposals will now be accepted once per year. Multi-year proposals are encouraged.

Purpose and History: In the Fall of 2020, the University approved a $25/credit hour fee for the majority of MCHHS undergraduate courses. A portion of that fee is reserved for innovative projects aimed at improving undergraduate student success. A review committee composed of faculty has reviewed applications and made recommendations for funding to the Dean each semester since Spring 2021. To date, 24 of projects have been funded. In January of 2024, a sub-committee of the Policies and Procedures Committee was asked to review the MSSIP call for proposals and make recommendations to the Dean regarding the process of requesting funds, with a goal of increasing the number of applications while continuing to support and promote innovative ideas related to undergraduate student success

Types of Projects: Eligible MSSIP projects target improved undergraduate student success. Multi-year funding is available, up to 4 years and $100,000 total. Proposals should include ideas to impact all MCHHS students and have measurable items per academic unit.

Funding Eligibility: Submissions are being accepted from MCHHS staff, faculty/faculty teams, faculty with student contributors, and students with faculty advisors/sponsors.

Application and Timeline Requirements: Applications will be accepted one time per year in a 2-stage process.

Stage 1- Letter of Intent: those interested are invited to submit a 1-page letter of intent to the MSSIP committee via the MCHHS email: At this stage, an itemized budget is not necessary; just a description of the project with general expense categories listed. Deadline for Letters of Intent is April 15, 2024.

  • April 15 – May 1: The MSSIP Review Committee will rank the letters and provide rankings to the
    Dean. Prior to the end of the spring semester, the Dean will invite a limited number of
    applicants to submit a full proposal for funding. The letter of intent would be due by April 15.
    Those invited to submit a proposal would do so by August 20

Stage 2 – Full Proposal: those invited to submit a full proposal will receive a link for submission. Full proposals will require an expanded proposal, which includes a detailed budget as well as clear, measurable outcomes that can be applied across units. The full proposal will be due by August 20, 2024.

  • August 20-October 1: MSSIP committee meets and reviews proposals and makes
    recommendations to Dean for funding. The Dean makes final decision and notifications.
    Funding will be available beginning in the spring semester, 2025.