Suspension and Reinstatement

At the end of each academic semester (Fall, Spring, Summer), the university assesses students' academic performance to help ensure progression. If a student's cumulative or semester grade point average (GPA) falls below a 2.0, the university may take scholastic action by placing a student on probation or suspension. Scholastic decisions are made at the close of each semester after grades have been finalized. Please note, these decisions are NOT final until after each college has reviewed students' records.

Students will be officially notified of their academic status through an academic advising note posted to and via email (sent to the official MSU email account).

If a student was suspended at the end of the most recent semester, the student will follow the appeal process outlined in #1 below. If the student was previously suspended, has not enrolled in classes at MSU for at least one semester (excluding summer), and is now returning to the University in hopes of pursuing a major within MCHHS, the student will follow the instructions as outlined in #2 below.

1. Appeal the suspension (for those suspended at the close of the most recent semester). Students who were notified of suspension at the close of the semester are permitted to appeal that decision to the MCHHS Scholastic Appeals Committee. The Committee will meet with students via Zoom to consider appeals from those who wish to enroll in the upcoming semester. As part of the appeal request process, students will be required to identify the reasons for the poor performance and outline a proposed plan of action to address the issues and improve the academic record. Students are also given the opportunity include any other information they would like for the Committee to consider. Additional/supporting documentation, such as evidence of a hospitalization, can also be uploaded.

Once an appeal request has been submitted, students will receive a link via email to schedule their appeal appointment. Again, all meetings will take place via Zoom in order to provide the most convenience to students who may not be in the Springfield area.

Appeals for students who were suspended at the conclusion of the Fall 2023 semester have closed.


2. Request reinstatement from a previous suspension. This option is ONLY for students who have not been taking classes on campus for at least one semester (excluding summer), would like to re-enroll, and would like to pursue an MCHHS major. If you plan to pursue a major outside of MCHHS, please contact that college. 

Request Reinstatement