MCHHS Student Success and Advisement Center

If you are currently pursuing a degree within the McQueary College of Health and Human Services or are interested in one our programs, our academic advisors are here to help! Our team is happy to assist students as they work toward their academic and professional goals.

Our objective is to provide high quality academic advisement, serve as academic resources, and act as advocates for our students as they navigate their educational journey on the Missouri State University campus. Through our knowledge of the academic programs, policies, and procedures unique to the College as well as the University, we aim to guide students in their academic decision-making by helping them explore their options, create realistic and appropriate plans and goals, and connect them to the resources they need to be successful.

Academic Advisors

Students are encouraged to schedule one-on-one meetings with any of our MCHHS advisement team members. We are happy to assist with schedule building/degree planning, questions about MCHHS degree programs/majors offered, post-graduation planning, locating resources on campus, and much more! Appointments can be scheduled by calling the office at 417-836-3065, or using the convenient Calendly links provided below. 

Other advisors

Missouri State University Advising Mission Statement, Adopted December 2009

Academic advisors at Missouri State University provide academic and professional guidance as students develop meaningful educational plans in pursuit of their life goals. Advisors provide students with information about coursework, University policies and procedures, the Public Affairs mission, and career options and opportunities. They require student participation in the decision-making process, help students become lifelong learners, and encourage self-reliant problem solving through exploration of students’ own interests and values. Advisors support students as they seek the best possible education at Missouri State University.

How may an advisor help?

Advisors can assist students with:

  • Exploring majors
  • Selecting appropriate courses for degree progression and interest
  • Making progress toward graduation
  • Preparing students for graduate school or employment

If you’re a new or transfer student, advisors can help you find the right major and create a custom plan of study.

Our advisors have their own work loads, but also serve as backups in case you're unable to reach your assigned advisor within the college.

For pre-professional advisement, contact your current academic advisor or one of the advisors listed above.


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