Graduate and Professional Program Standardized Test References

If you want to do a professional or graduate program in health care, chances are you'll need to take a standardized exam as part of your application process.

Performance on these exams is very important. You'll want to be as prepared as possible when you are finally ready to take your test.

Exam types

You can become more familiar with each exam by using the links provided below.

Tips for examination success

1. Become familiar with the exam you plan to take.

  • You need to know how often your exam is offered, how many times you may take it, how much it costs, and how the exam is scored. You'll also want to know what material is covered so you can begin preparing!

2. Begin preparing for your exam early

  • You may consider buying study aids at least a year prior to your planned exam date.
  • Prep classes are also available, but may be more beneficial closer to your exam date. Keep in mind, these can be costly.
  • Some exams, like the MCAT, will cover specific concepts that you'll learn throughout your undergraduate coursework. Be sure you take adequate notes in classes and hang on to those after your courses have concluded. You should consider compiling organized notebooks with all materials related to your exam that will help you "refresh" later.

3. Take a lot of practice tests

  • Make sure you practice in an environment similar to that of the test. If your test is timed, time yourself accordingly. If your test is computerized try to use online practice aids.

4. Be sure you take care of yourself physically and mentally before your test

  • These tests can be grueling and take stamina, so make sure you get enough rest, eat nutritious food, and stay calm. If you need to, use relaxation or other techniques to help ease stress leading up to your exam.

5. Don't forget to practice your writing

  • Many standardized tests assess your writing and critical thinking abilities by having students provide written response to prompts. Sometimes students become so focused on the content of the test, they forget to prepare for the writing assessment! Be sure you understand how writing samples will be scored and what constitutes a quality piece.